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People are frustrated and hopeless as they struggle to live everyday with an injury.

Altrui Chiropractic is an evidence based and luxurious way to help you live your best and healthiest life!


The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care With Altrui

Luxury Treatments
You deserve to have high quality and evidence based treatments.
Experience the ability to make informed decisions about your healthcare.
Enjoy a safe space to be who you are.
Altrui is a luxury healthcare experience.

Dr. Britt has never been the type of person to go with the flow. While attending graduate school, at Palmer College of Chiropractic, when everyone decided to wear scrubs in the student clinic, Dr. Britt was sporting colorful and printed dress pants, because why not? This against the grain mindset did not change when she began to develop the concept of Altrui.

Being the root form of the word altruism, altrui is an Italian word meaning other's, and here at Altrui, the health and well-being of of other's is our main concern. At the conclusion of your appointment with us, we not only want you to be pain free, but we want to empower you to make your own decisions regarding your health.

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